Sunday, May 4, 2014

Strawberry Margarita with Lime Essential Oil

While I like a great margarita during the hot summer months, I love a margarita that is enhanced with Young Living Essential Oils even more!  The super easy recipe below calls for Lime Essential Oil. Not only is Lime a great mood booster and energy enhancer, but it also supports a healthy digestive system!


2 cups crushed ice
1 cup water
Fresh strawberries (or watermelon, cherries, etc.)
1-2 drops Lime essential oil
2 oz Tequila
Splash of Triple Sec
Fresh Lime Juice to taste

Fill a blender with ice and water. Add fresh fruit and 1-2 drops of Lime essential oil, tequila and Splash of Triple Sec. Blend, add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and enjoy!

**Please Do Not put essential oils in plastic containers. Oils draw toxins out of our bodies and will do the same with plastic containers and cups.**.

To make an essential oil purchase, please follow the instructions here.

Disclaimer: WARNING – PLEASE READ BEFORE USING ESSENTIAL OILS Not all essential oils can be taken internally. It can be dangerous to take essential oils internally unless they are food grade or general regarded as safe. (GRAS). The only brand I recommend taking internally is Young Living